A common identification for the social economy

Why identify yourself?

To facilitate the recognition of social economy enterprises and to illustrate the added value of collective enterprises in Quebec.

What does the logo mean?

Enterprises that display the "es-social economy" logo are identified as social economy enterprises, also known as collective enterprises.

With a social mission to serve their members or their community and a strong local anchoring, these enterprises are either cooperatives, enterprising non-profits or mutuals. They adhere to the principles set out in the Social Economy Act of Quebec.

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Why use the logo?


To allow consumers who wish to make responsible and local purchases to identify you quickly and easily as a social economy enterprise.


To position yourself as a collective enterprise with a social mission and territorial anchoring and thus, to distinguish yourself.


To participate in the promotion and recognition of the social economy as an entrepreneurial model.


To strengthen your sense of belonging to the social economy movement.

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Are you a partner organization or a network of collective enterprises and would like to support the promotion and distribution of the logo among your members and your network?

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